Elequil aromatabs® Lavender-Sandalwood 370

50 / box
  • 100% pure essential oils
  • scented tab on self-adhesive label
  • allows for minimum or maximum scent exposure
  • promotes relaxation, comfort, and sleep
10 review(s)

Elequil aromatabs® Lavender-Sandalwood 370

Elequil aromatabs, aromatherapy designed for the clinical setting - Relax, relieve, refresh with Elequil aromatabs – 100% pure essential oils in a unique controlled delivery system. The perfect addition to any healthcare or palliative care setting, Elequil aromatabs help improve quality of care as a complementary health approach and assist in your efforts to provide a more pleasant experience for patients, residents, family members, and staff.* Read More +

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Bill M
Schereville, IN
Helps Tremendously
Sep 30 2016
My wife has had early onset Alzheimers for 8.5 years, is now 58 years old and is at level 6 of 7. I still take care of her except we have a caretaker M-F 8:30-4:30 so I can go to work for "therapy". On days that she is agitated we put an Elequil on her and it helps tremendously.

Great concept and Product
May 12 2016
I use this product when the stresses of the day seem to come in giant waves and find how therapeutic it is. I feel like a "walking spa". My fiance used the orange scent before his open heart surgery and experienced the benefits as well. Having the scent patch applied directly to the clothing allows continuous benefits.

New York City
Wonderful Experience
Jan 19 2016
My story begins with my diagnoses of breast cancer at the age of 42. I had a lumpectomy and after some healing time, I was scheduled for 33 radiation treatments completed five days a week. I chose the Farber Center for Radiation Oncology in NYC as they came highly recommended and seemed to offer something more soothing than a typical medical setting. The entire staff was friendly and professional- treatments included comfy bamboo robes, beverages, your own private change room, and even had salt water fish tanks to calm the mind as you waited for your session to begin. The real bonus came after each session ....I saw a nurse who performed holistic cancer therapies, such as reiki, the incorporation of Tibetan singing bowls....and used aromatherapy on me for whatever I needed that day. This was my first experience with the Elequil aromatabs and it was a very positive one. Most days, I continued to go directly to work after my treatment, so I wanted to feel fresh and alert. My nurse would place an orange-peppermint aromatab on me to energize my spirits. On other days, when I was feeling very tired and just needed to go home and rest, I'd choose the lavender-sandalwood aromatab for relaxation. Now that the Elequil aromatics are available to the every day consumer, I intend to use them on myself as well as any clients of mine that cannot use essential oils on themselves directly. I have nothing but glowing things to say of my experience with these products!

Elequil aromatabs - Lavender Sandalwood - Wonderful Product
Dec 04 2015
I recently completed over two hours of MRI / MRA testing. The technician attached a Lavender Sandalwood Elequil aromatab to my gown as he prepared the MRI equipment.. During the testing I noticed a subtle scent that helped me relax but I didn't know where it was coming from. The technician later explained that he used an Elequil aromatab. I'm amazed such a small thing can make such a significant difference to promote relaxation - but it worked beautifully. Elequil aromatabs promote relaxation and in turn reduce anxiety and pain. Can't wait until we can purchase them online!

New York
Oct 19 2015
I was given the lavender aromatab to help me get through an MRI at the Hospital for Special Surgery in NY. What a great idea to use aromatherapy for an MRI! Really helped. Loved the tab so much I wore it all day! I would be so glad to have some more for use at home when just relaxing with a cup of tea - great to have a little aromatherapy at home, too! Thank you Beekley!

Santa Maria Ca
Oct 07 2015
We did the five day trial on three residents at our long term care facility with and had great success. We found that the Elequil aromatabs help a lot with anxiousness, restlessness and relieved some confusion. We followed up the trial with our first order of Elequil and started using them immediately on more residents. The Elequil aromatabs have had such great success that residents have even requested them. We are so happy and excited to have access to such a great natural product with no ill side effects. I would recommend this product to other hospitals or facilities to try and see the amazing effects for themselves.

Milford, CT
Sep 11 2015
I recently had my first MRI at Diagnostic Imaging. I was initially very anxious when I was entering the open MRI. The tech had to bring me out and offered the lavender tab and I was calmed instantly and was able to complete the 20 minute MRI without further incident. I am a true believer in this product!

Scarsdale, NY
Lavender -Sandalwood…a safe, awesome and effective combination!
Sep 01 2015
I was first given a tab to use by the Radiology Dept at the Mt. Kisco Medical Group in Westchester County NY. I was scheduled for a battery of tests including MRI's and MRA's and was very anxious both because of my diagnosis and the actual testing. I was given the lavender/sandalwood tab and initally was not very optimistic re its impact…I was wrong!! The scent is so soothing and calming and somehow managed to calm me during the procedure. I asked the staff who were kind enough to give me an extra one that I wore the day of my surgery! It helped me enough that I did not have to take Ativan or Valium or any other agent during the testing process.I highly recommend trying this product…I think of it as a calming agent that you dont have to drink or take in pill form! I am also a retired Physician Assistant who worked 30 yrs in Psychiatry and plan to return to work part time after my medical issues resolve.. I will most likely use this product on my anxious pts and I feel very hopeful re its results. Congrats to the developers of this tab…you succeeded!!

Eugene, Oregon
Remarkably Calming for Alzheimer's Patients
Aug 09 2015
My mother has suffered from Alzheimer's/Dementia for 10 years and has extreme anxiety and anger because of the disease and her fear. After two days of aroma tabs I felt like I had a piece of my mom back. She was calmer and we had a conversation that was personal and made sense. I can't tell you how grateful I am to have found that this has helped us. I would recommend this product for anyone in a care facility or hospital. Thank you for sending the samples -- we're looking forward to becoming regular customers

Green Bay, WI 54311
Max Scent Aroma Tabs: Lavender
Jul 16 2015
I have been going through many diagnostic tests in the last two weeks and I noticed a great offering when I was going into the MRI - the scent tabs. I chose the calming lavender. It was wonderful-very soothing. I felt that this additional help was so good I asked the nurse where I could get them! She wrote the name of the company and I called. The patches were that good! I looked them up online but it was a Friday. I asked for the scent tab at my next MRI. I called today after using them under my pillow that night. I was thinking I wish I had access to a box of them! I knew many others that would probably feel the same way! The positive effects of aromatherapy are so well-known and this simple tab is so convenient! I hope these can be made available for everyone to use whenever and wherever they would like to enjoy a calming inhalation of lavender. Excellent product! Kathy

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